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Cyalume VisiPad, Green, 5 pack

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This 5 pack of VisiPad self-adhesive marker lights by Cyalume has one transparent side and the back is covered with an adhesive film protected by a peel-off coating removed by pulling the tab provided. In the four corners of the VisiPad there are eyelets and notches designed for attaching the marker light to a cable, a rope or to a wire. It is compact ultralight and ultraflat ideal for storing it easily in pockets, packs or kits. The flat surface can be used for writing messages with a black marker.

It has been designed to avoid any risks of accidental activation, which means that several patch marker lights can be placed in a pocket and kept there without any risk.

To activate a VisiPad,  hold the product facing you and place your thumbs on either side of the logo then bend the rigid part until the pouch on the inside is perforated. Now press the pouch and knead the light patch so that the two liquids mix to impregnate the white gauze. After a few minutes, you will obtain optimal illumination.

The VisiPad marker light is used for identifying and setting orders of priority. This patch marker light can be used for a variety of applications in different situations:

  • Identification of personnel,
  • Vehicle marking,
  • Building and equipment marking,
  • Medical triage,
  • Marking out a dangerous zone or an obstacle,
  • Marking special points

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