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MORAKNIV Companion

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The Companion by Morakniv is the perfect knife for an adventure, a real all-round knife. The tang runs three-quarters of the way up the knife, so that you can work with power and precision. The blade is made of stainless steel which makes knife care extra easy. The soft friction grip is made of TPE rubber, making the knife feel secure and steady to work with. The polymer knife sheath includes a practical belt clip so that the knife can be attached to your Backpack or belt - always close at hand. 


  • Standard Companion knives have 2.5mm thick cold-rolled stainless steel blade.  HD (Heavy Duty) versions have a 3.2mm thick blade. 
  • Scandinavian grind produces a very sharp edge with excellent control of the cut and is easy to sharpen.
  • Ergonomic handle with patterned high-friction rubber grip gives the feeling of control, making work easier, as if the knife were an extension of your hand.
  • Color-matching plastic sheath with belt clip.

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